Batterii Update 5/11/17

*Quickly duplicate walls to save time when setting up your room*: Moderators can visit the wall settings area to find the new Duplicate Wall button, which allows for quick creation of a new wall and its settings within the same room, or in any other room the moderator has permissions in.

*Build a new card from selected assets*: You can now choose assets from your walls and use them as a starting point to build a new Card using the new “Build” button on the toolbar. Select up to 20 items, click “Build,” then choose what type of Card they should be made into, and your new Card will be created with those assets added automatically.

*Room participants can now respond to room emails from moderators*: When sending an email to room participants from the Room Overview page, Moderators can now opt in to allowing participants to see their email address and reply directly to them from that message.

Batterii Update 4/29/17


Movable walls refreshed and reimagined: We have done our homework and listened to your feedback, and Movable walls are evolving in a huge way to help you do your work more efficiently and have greater control over the layout of your walls. Some of the highlights include:

- Flexible asset placement and custom resizing on Movable walls

- Auto-layout tools to instantly create a grid, cluster, or stack of assets

- Improved card previews

- Use locked assets as custom backdrops or layout templates

To get all the details on what has changed and how it will make your team love Batterii walls even more, check out More Powerful Moveable Walls. And stay tuned, we have even more exciting advancements coming to a wall near you very soon!

Export your movable wall layouts to PDF: We know how much time you spend fine-tuning walls to present your work in the best light possible. To that end, the Export tool now allows you to generate a high resolution PDF of that layout to send to someone outside of Batterii, print and hang on your office wall, or do anything you’d like with to share your hard work.

Updated room participant lists so that users who have been removed from the community are no longer listed. Previously, room participants had to be removed manually even if their community access had been revoked. This is no longer the case, and a user will be removed from their rooms when removed from the community. If the user is reactivated in the community with that same account, their room access will be automatically restored.

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