Updates in 2016

Released 12/8/2016

Batterii Vision - Image Analysis

What is this? Batterii uses powerful machine learning models to understand the content of your image so that we can provide you with predicted labels, identified locations, and optical text recognition. These fields help Batterii searches provide more useful results with less effort on your part.

What can Batterii Vision detect?
Batterii can more easily detect a broad set of objects within your images and this will improve overtime as more objects and concepts are introduced. This means it will identify animals, modes of transportation, logos, landmarks and more!

Last but not least text detection within images. Batterii Vision will also provide text that can be seen within the image and will identify the language of the text.

Check out how Batterii Vision - Image Analysis can help to identify, sort and organize your assets.

*Batterii Vision is only available on the desktop app at this time. 

Batterii Smart Walls (Room/Wall Navigation Saved) 

Are you working to add assets to walls in multiple rooms? Want to add content to walls in different rooms quick and easily?

Batterii now remembers the last wall you were working on in each room! No extra clicks needed when you want to quickly move and work between multiple rooms. The last location is saved in all your rooms, this is specific by user and browser.

Released 11/14/2016

Easier to Use Room Navigation
Rooms now have a clear and easy path to navigate the room. The new left top navigation clearly helps you transition from Overview to People, Missions and All Assets.

Wall Counts
No need to click on an empty wall anymore! You will now see the total assets on a wall just next to the wall name.

Updated Community Member Management
View total community members from the Manage Member screen and filter members by membership status (Member, Guest and Explorer)

Filtering by Inactive is also available and will allow you to see "last activity" information on a specific user.

Copy/Paste from Microsoft Office Apps
Do you prefer to take meeting notes in Word? Or want to take the notes from a presentation and make them available to your team in Batterii? Now you can take all your notes from your Microsoft Office apps and with a quick copy/paste they can all be captured onto your Batterii wall.

Cards with more text
Cards on wall now display up to 6 lines of text in the title. Now you don't have to option every card to review it, take a quick glance and open if you want to read more!

Released 10/31/2016

Bulk Tag Assets

Adding content to a Batterii wall has always been quick and easy, now you can bulk tag those assets at the same speed. Then use tags to search the room or search all rooms for other tagged assets.

Released 8/27/2016

All New Missions

Assign Missions to specific users:

  • Target Mission assignments to specific users in your room instead of all Missions assigned to all room members.

Run blinded research projects using "incognito" mode:

  • Run Missions without participants knowing who is conducting the research.

Monitor Mission Progress:

  • A new Mission dashboard allows you to quickly check progress, track how much content is coming in, and easily navigate to see content contributed by a specific user.

New "Explorer" user role:

  • Conduct Missions with Explorers, who can only view assigned Missions and their own contributions to those Missions.
  • Great for conducting blinded research with consumers or keeping an internal team focused on their mission since they won't see your room or its walls.

Easier User Management

Simple view of room participants:

  • With a new Room Membership Dashboard, view everyone in a room by role and easily search among all users in a room.

Invite new users directly from a room:

  • If enabled by your community manager, room moderators can invite new users from within a room and track invitation status.

Mobile Refresh

Invite users directly into mobile:

  • Get mobile users set up and sharing right from their device, without needing to first register on a desktop. Previously, mobile users were first required to sign up for an account on a computer before gaining access to the mobile app. Starting today, this step is gone!

Community recognition on mobile install:

  • When new users follow your invitation link, Batterii knows to add them directly to your community without asking them to specify a community name.
  • Upon receiving their invitation, Batterii will seamlessly guide them through the process of installing the application and registering their account.

Visit the Main Support collections for more information and detailed instructions on other Batterii functions and features!

Released 7/1/2016

Auto-Generation Preview for PDF/DOCX/PPTX/XLSX now available!

Auto-generation of PDF/DOCX/PPTX/XLSX

Batterii now supports a quick look preview of Word Documents (DOCX), Powerpoint (PPTX), Portable Document Format (PDF) and Microsoft Excel (XLSX) once it has been uploaded to Batterii.

Now you can go from upload...

To instant image preview ...

To Quick Look...

Export to a Zip Archive and Auto-Generate Image for PDF/DOCX/PPTX/XLSX

Export a Wall into ZIP Archive

Room Members have the ability to Export multiple or all assets on one wall into a ZIP with a few quick clicks!

Click here complete step-by-step directions on Exporting to a ZIP Archive. Exporting a Wall to Powerpoint is also a wonderful tool! Check out Export a Wall to Powerpoint if this better fits your exporting needs.

Auto-Generate Image for PDF/DOCX/PPTX/XLSX 

Batterii now supports auto-generation of an image when uploading Word Documents (DOCX), Powerpoint (PPTX), Portable Document Format (PDF) and Microsoft Excel (XLSX) to a Wall.

Quickly go from this...

to this...

Click here for more information on Auto-generation of Images.

Released 4/29/2016

Card Templates, Shortcut Tips and Sticky Notes

Two name changes that will clarify two features for all participants! Custom Content are now Cards and a Note is now a Sticky. When working on a wall you are adding an Insight Card or a Persona Card. Now use a "sticky" to post a short thought or observation.

Card Templates

Managers can create new Card types and set up Card templates to give users a starting point (outline) when adding a new Insight, Interview or Idea card to a wall.
Ready to start creating Card templates? Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Shortcut Tips

Shortcut tips will pop-up quickly with a click on “Shortcuts” from the Profile drop down or simply click shift + ? and the shortcuts will show. These tips will help any user

Here are more details on all the Batterii Shortcuts.

Released 3/20/2016

Export a Wall into PowerPoint (pptx)

Room Members have the ability to Export multiple or all assets on one wall into a presentation with a few quick clicks!

Export will be created in PowerPoint (pptx) which can also be opened in Keynote. The export has been designed using Master Slides (templates) in PowerPoint which will allow each user to easily take the initial export and change colors, fonts and design to fit their presentation needs.

For step-by-step directions on exporting go to Exporting a Wall into a Presentation (PowerPoint). 

Released 2/18/2016

Quick Sticky Note Creation

One Note Quick Create

Hit SHIFT+Return - Color and size (S, M, L, XL) is based on your last note created.

Double Click on a moveable wall and a new note will instantly pop up.

Multiple Notes

Click SHIFT + # - e.g. SHIFT+4 will create 4 notes. Choose the appropriate number 1-9 to rapidly create up to 9 notes at a time. Notes will be created in the color in which your last note was created (default is set to yellow).

For more quick creation shortcuts check out Wall Interactions and Shortcuts.

Released 2/5/2016

Search the Room or Global Search with ease

Search is faster and easier - start your search within the room if you don't see what you are looking for easily expand to "Search All Rooms"

Search with multiple criteria 

Launch your search by Wall, User, Content Type and Tags - you don't need a keyword to get your search started. You can filter your search by one or more options to more easily find the exact asset.

Click here for more details on Room Search.

Initiate searches by Tags 

Search allows you to View All Assets in a room and then launch your search by Tags. The Tag list will show counts to help users quickly see how many assets might match your criteria.

Review search result details without navigating away from your results

Search results let you view the assets within your search results. Did you not find the correct item? Click the "X" in the top corner and instantly return to your search results.

Use Search Results to more easily sense make or build into a custom asset (eg. Insight, Idea, Theme etc.) 

Use your search results to drag and drop content directly into a wall for easier "sense making" workflows. Or build a custom asset more easily by using your search results to drag and drop into the asset composer.

Click here for more details on Using your Search Results

Released 1/21/2016

Mobile Updates

Last DestinationUpload assets faster and easier to the most recent destination (room/wall, mission or browser share). Batterii mobile saves the last destination you have chosen.

View Custom Content
Each wall has the ability to hold more than images, videos and links so now you can view the custom content in the room. (Custom content is specific to your organizations terminology - Insight, Idea, Method, Journey, Experience Map, Spark, Theme and more)

Updates in 2015

Released 11/20/2015

Wall Evaluations

Evaluations are now available on walls. Evaluations allow Owners/Moderators to set up a session for participants to assess the assets on a wall and cast votes.

Owners/Moderators have the ability to create up to 3 evaluations on one or multiple walls for room participants to place votes on all wall assets.

Participants will easily be able to vote on all wall assets.

Click here for more details on how to Create a Wall Evaluation.

Invite Members (Managers only)

Personalize your invitation message and add invitees to rooms before they log in!

When Inviting Members to the community take a moment and add them to one or more rooms before sending the invite. This will make it easier for the member to participate as soon as they create their account.


The wall Toolbox allows both the Room Owners/Moderators one easy location to promote participation in the room and on the wall.

While it provides room Participants one location to view everything that is occurring on one wall. This toolbox highlights each walls Missions, Evaluations and Wall Backdrops.

Want a more detailed look at the Wall Toolbox? Check out the Wall Toolbox Overview.

Released 11/6/2015

Like, Subscribe, Delete and iPhone 6S

When viewing the full asset on Batterii mobile you can now "like", "subscribe" or even delete content on both the iPhone and Android Batterii app.

With this release we have also added home screen quick actions for iOS devices that support 3D touch. (iPhone 6S)

Lock a Wall 

Setting up a wall for reference? Working through your process in one room and want to make sure no new content is added to a wall? You can "Lock content" on your wall. This will allow room participants to still view the content, copy to other walls or rooms but doesn't change the current content or set-up of the wall.

After locking a wall the participants will see the header to the wall but no "+" button.

Released 10/23/15

Easy sharing to Batterii app

Reading an article on your mobile and want to send it to Batterii? You can share directly to your Batterii Rooms/Walls with the Batterii mobile app.

For more information and other mobile app features click here.

Bulk Sticky creation (Chrome only)

Do you prefer to take notes outside of Batterii? If so, easily turn each line of your notes into sticky notes. Just Copy and Paste directly from "Notepad" or "Text Edit" to the wall of your choice and it will launch each line of your notes into individual sticky notes in Batterii.

Maintains "Send to:" Information 

Are you sending assets from one room to another? Batterii now saves your most recent "send" action. When working between rooms this will allow you to hop back and forth at a quick and easy pace to move items.

Released 10/7/15

Join a Room from Mobile

You can now "Join this Room" from the Batterii app. If the room is set as Public and Featured you will now be able to access the room and click "Join this Room" so you can immediately participate and upload your images, videos and notes to that room.

Original Asset Owner maintained

When working with hundreds of assets you may choose to move them into different rooms to organize, theme and take these assets to the next level of ideation. As you move all the assets around you likely still want a reminder of who originally posted the asset.

You will now see the Original Asset Owner and the "Reposted by" name.

Released 9/18/15

Likes, like counts and who liked what

As you review assets in the room take a moment to "like", "subscribe" or "comment"

Explore and Grid views allow for walls to be viewed by specific sorting functions -Newest, Oldest, A-Z, Z-A, Most Likes and Live Update. The Moveable wall will sort content within the Inbox.

Once participants have "liked" content, this allow you to sort content by "Most Likes" and you can also view who has "liked" each asset.

Want a little more details on who liked the asset?

Your Missions in the Overview 

For a full Overview of the room you now have the Missions listed on the Overview section of your room.

Wall Backdrops on Moveable Walls 

Room Owners/Moderators have the ability to apply backdrops to your moveable walls to accelerate your ability to sort, evaluate, and make sense of your content.

These backdrops include popular decision making tools like the Business Model Canvas and SWOT Analysis matrix, as well as generic guides that can be adapted to your process.

Want to know how to set up a wall backdrop? Adding a Wall Backdrop is easy!


Android Updates Galore!

You can now see the full asset view, add Notes, and Comment via the mobile app.

Click here for more step-by-step instructions for the Batterii Android App.

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