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Room Activity Feed

Looking to review what is happening in the room? Look no further than the Overview page for insights into the activity in the room!

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Head over to the room of your choice and click "Overview" to see the Room Activity Feed. 

Once there you will see all the details of the room! 

What do we capture in the activity feed? 

People who were added to/joined the room and People who were removed from/left the room. 

New Assets and Comments:
New assets (files or notes) have been created on a wall
Comments have been added on an asset or card

Room Specifics:
The room name has changed or the room status has changed (Opened, Locked or Archived)
A new wall was created or a wall name has changed. 

When a mission is first created and if any mission details change.
When a mission launches and when it ends.  

Evaluation Information:
When an evaluation was created, updated, or ended!

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