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What's New

Check out all the new features in Batterii

Getting Started

Jump in and get started in your new Batterii Community

Creating a Project room

Easy set up of your Boards, adding People, and more.

Building Your Boards

Batterii boards have three viewing modes that allow you to collect, sort, organize, sense-make and more.

Adding Content

Adding content to Batterii is easy! Use your desktop or mobile to upload, add sticky notes, documents and more to start participating.

Analyzing & Sharing Content
Launching Missions (Premium Features)

Missions are time allotted requests to capture content into a room. Launch a room mission in a couple quick steps

Using the Batterii Missions App
Using Mobile

Batterii Mobile is key to easily capture photos, videos and notes to walls and missions.

Customize Platform (Community Managers Only)

Managers customize Batterii with their logo, invite members, create backdrops and set card terminology to help jump start their community.

Adding New Users (Managers Only)

Adding Members, Guests and Explorers to your Community in a couple quick steps. (Only Managers can send Invites)


Quick overview of the Batterii Web Clipper

Method Guides

Quick guides on different methods or techniques that can be used within Batterii to help compliment your current work projects.


Other frequently asked questions that may not be answered in other articles!