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Checklist for Batterii Core Managers
Checklist for Batterii Core Managers

Here is a short list for Managers to kickstart their community

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So you’re a Manager? Community Managers have complete participation and editing capabilities in your community, from top to bottom.

As Manager, you have the power to Customize Your Community:

  1. Personalize your community

  2. Invite and add members

  3. Change community roles (guests, members, and managers)

  4. Manager Members

Add Members

As Manager, you can see all Rooms, no matter any privacy settings or ownership. Not only do you need to add people to the community - and set their roles – but you can also add Content Types and Feature Rooms for your teams.

Add Content Types

A Content type is a framework that captures any of your company’s methods or processes.  Add content types that reflect your company's terminology such as Insight, Experience Map, Spark, Theme, or another.

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