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Add "People" to your Room (Batterii Core)
Add "People" to your Room (Batterii Core)

The room is ready. Now you need participants! Add people to your room and get started

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Once your room is ready, invite current community members to your room to participate.

Adding People to the Room

Select "People" from the left panel within your Room to get started.

  1. Click on People and it will show you everyone that is currently in the room. To switch views of room participants roles you can select "Participants" or "Moderators." From the "Everyone" view, you will also see if they are room moderators and if they have the ability to invite others to your room.

  2. To invite people into your room, select the "blue +" button in the top right of the dashboard.

  3. This will bring up a list of members in your community. You can search by First Name, Last Name or Email address.

4. Once you find the correct person select their name and they will be added into the room.

Room Roles

Moderator: Can view and edit all room contributions, missions, people, and room settings.

Participant: Can view all room details and content, and add/edit their own contributions.

*Guest: The "guest" marker is included on anyone who is a "guest" at the community level. Guests have limited access to only a specific Room(s). Guests may be a partner, consumer or a similar stakeholder who only needs access to one or a couple Rooms. Guests can't create their own rooms or see any content within the community outside of the room they are participating in.

Inviting New Guests into Your Room (External User Invitations)

This is only available to community Members who have been given the ability to invite by their Community Manager. 

  1. From the "People" dashboard click on "Invitations" and a green "Invite People" button will appear.

  2. Click "Invite People" and this will allow you to invite Guest member(s) to your room.

  3. Add a short Invitation Message and Assign their Room Role (Explorer, Participant or Moderator) This is the only room they will see within the community.

You can invite one or more people via email at a time.  Email addresses need a space, comma OR a line break between them. 

In order to invite Room Guests your Community Manager has to have this feature enabled. Any person invited via Room Invite will be flagged in the community as a Guest. If you believe you need this feature reach out to your Community Manager. 

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