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Allowing Community Members to Invite Guests (at the Room Level)
Allowing Community Members to Invite Guests (at the Room Level)

Managers can authorize Members to have the ability to invite external users to rooms that they own or moderate.

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Edit at Community Level (For ALL Members) or through Manage Members (Allow only specific Members) 

Editing Community Configuration  (ALL Members allowed to Invite External)

Community managers may allow community members to invite external community participants to the rooms they own/moderate. If activated, this setting means that non-community managers can invite guests directly from a room. This setting must be activated by a Community Manager through the Community Configuration settings.

Managing Members on an Individual basis to Invite Community Configuration  (Edit one Member at a time)

If you find yourself not wanting to allow every member within the community the ability to invite guest members to rooms you do have the ability to provide the feature on an individual basis.

Go to Manage Community and choose "Manage Members" under the "Members" Category.

Search for the member you want to authorize to have the ability to invite guests. Click on their name you will see their settings will appear.

Go to "Options" and select the box that states "Can invite community guests via email" and save.

You now have enabled this member the ability to invite guests into rooms that they own or moderate.

When Community Members can Add Guests (Room Only Level)

When activated, your members will have the ability to invite external guests to participate in their room(s). 

Room Level Roles

These participants can only view content inside the specific room. The participants will be granted access based on the following roles that they may be assigned:

Participant: Can view all room details and content, and add/edit their own contributions.

Moderator: Can view and edit all room contributions, missions, people, and room settings.

Deactivating Members' Invite Capability

When this setting is deactivated, your members will no longer see the Invitation feature within their room. Rather, they will only have the ability to add room members that are already registered at the Community level.

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