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Add Card Types for your Community (Managers Only)
Add Card Types for your Community (Managers Only)

Set up the card types to reflect your company/organizations terminology and processes.

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Card types are specific to your individual Community. Community Managers set up the Card types that are specific to your company or organizations terminology and processes.

Once Cards have been created at the community level each Room Owner will have the ability to use those Cards on the walls they create.

Create as many Cards as you want and you can always add new types when needed.

1) Go to Manage Community

2) Select Card Types

3) Click "Create a New Card Type"

4) An initial color and icon will be created. Just click on each item to edit. Then set the Card color, icon and name the Card.



Name your Content:

5) Cards types are specific to your organizations terminology. (Insight, Idea, Method, Journey, Experience Map, Spark, Theme and more)

Tip: Setting a card to "Default" enables that card type on each wall without the room owner needing to take any action to turn it on.

Want to add a Card Template? Click here for more details.

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