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What To Do When Mobile Uploads Get Stuck
What To Do When Mobile Uploads Get Stuck

Trying to upload a file from your phone to a Mission or Wall but nothing seems to be happening? Follow these steps to get moving again.

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So you've captured photos or videos on your phone but they aren't uploading to Batterii?

Here are some easy ways to troubleshoot this type of issue. One of which is likely to fix your stuck uploads. 

Here's what you can do:

  1. Ensure that you are on a reliable internet connection. If you are on WiFi, try cellular data or another WiFi network. Toggle the Wi-Fi on and off in order to connect again.

  2. Try to upload the files one at a time, instead of using the "Upload All" button.

  3. Force quit the app and reopen it. Then try to start the upload again, deleting the previous entry and adding it again.

  4. Restart your phone and try again with a new file.

  5. Sign out from the app and sign in again, then add the upload again and try to upload that new file.

  6. Uninstall the Batterii app and reinstall fresh from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then sign back in and try again.

Have you tried each of these but still can't upload your files? 

We strongly suspect a network connectivity issue is causing this state. In fact, the issue could be separate from the Batterii Mobile app altogether.

If you believe you are experiencing a unique case, you can contact Batterii Support. In order for us to best assist you, please provide all the following details:

  1. What type of file are you trying to upload (photo, video, sticky, etc.)?

  2. Are you using any other apps to capture/edit the video or photo? 

  3. What specific steps are you taking to get the file to Batterii? At what point are you experiencing problems/failure? Are you capturing with Batterii, sharing from another app on your phone, or are you choosing an existing file from your phone?

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