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A closer look at the first set of data found in the Insights Dashboard

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To put it simply, the Activity Table summarizes user activity in a room. Yet, there is still a lot you can do with it. Below is a breakdown of everything you need to know about the Activity Table.

Values shown in the Activity Table

All the values found in the Activity table are defined the column headers.

Most column headers are self-explanatory. "Name" is the name of each member. "Total Uploads" is how many items a member has uploaded to the room. "Mission Contributions" is how many items a member uploaded to missions in the room. And "Completed Missions" is how many times a member marked their assigned mission completed. 

The "Last Seen" column may need little more explaining. Values in this column track how many visits a member has made to the room either on the web or through the Batterii Mobile app. It will even track Explorers who access a mission through Batterii Mobile. It is important to remember though that visits before March 2018 will not show. 

Interactive Values

There are two value types that you can interact with in the Activity Table. These types are the "Name" and "Total Upload" values. You can interact with them by performing the following actions:

• Click on a name to pop-up a brief profile card of that member. 

• Select the number under "Total Uploads" and in the same row as a member's name to see search results of everything they've uploaded to the room. 

How to sort the Activity Table

At first glance, the table lists the first 10 room members in alphabetical order by last name.  In rooms where there are more than 10 members, you can click "Expand" to show everyone in the room.

Select any column header to sort members based on the highest to the lowest values in that column. Click the same header again to reorder from the lowest values to the highest values. For example, if you choose "Name" then the table will sort A-Z. Clicking "Name" again will reorder the last names Z-A. 

How to filter the Activity Table

Lastly, you can filter the table to show activity based on different roles in the room. At the top of the table, click "all room participants" to show a drop-down menu. Select "Moderator," "Participant," "Explorer," or "Reviewer" to show data from that specific role. When you want to go back to showing all members, click "Clear" to reset the table.

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