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A closer look at the second set of data in the Insights Dashboard

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Mission blocks visually break down the stats of each open or closed mission in a room. 

Here's everything you should know to get the most out of mission blocks:

How Blocks Are Designed

Each block has the same title as the mission it represents. In them, you'll find a graph to show the number of completions over time. Plus, three radial progress bars to signify Total Uploads, Participating Users, and Completions.

Interact with each of these visual elements to learn more insights... 

  • Click on the title or status within a block to direct yourself to its Mission Details. 

  • Hover over the graph and a window will appear to show you exact dates and numbers. 

  • Click on one of the radial progress bars to open a list of all members who have performed that specific action. Selecting someone from the list will take you to their uploads for that mission.

  • And finally, click the legend to turn on and off the data set. 

Graph Date Range & Mission Status

In the right-hand corner of each block is where you can find the Mission Status. 

When a block shows the mission will end on a date, it means the mission will remain active until that date. If a block says it does not have a due date then it means the mission is active and will remain active indefinitely. Blocks marked with "Closed" are records of previous missions that are no longer active. 

With mission block graphs, date ranges can vary based on the mission status. If a mission is active, then the graph will show the day the mission opened until the present day. If the mission is closed, then the graph will show the day the mission opened until the day the mission was closed.

Please Note: If you reopen a closed mission, the date of the earliest recorded mission completion will become the graph's start date. This means if there was not a mission completion on your original start date, then you could see the date change. 

How Many Blocks Appear

The amount of mission blocks you see depends on how many missions you've created. If you have more than 25 active or closed missions, then you will initially see the first 25 mission blocks. Click "Load more missions" to load up to 25 more missions blocks. If you have more than 50 missions, continue to click the load button until all your missions appear.

Scheduled missions yet to launch will only show once they become active. If there have never been any missions in the room, then you won't see any blocks. 

Please Note: Missions are only available to Batterii Premium users. If you are using Batterii Core, then you will not see this feature in the Insights Dashboard. 

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