The Daily Visits Graph

A closer look at the fourth set of data in the Insights Dashboard

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The fourth tool in the Insights Dashboard is the Daily Visits Graph. This graph shows how many unique people visited the room or wall on a particular day.

How the Daily Visits Graph Works

Specifically, it counts how many users visited the room per day and only counts each user once. At the beginning of every day, the visits for each user is reset to zero.ย 

For example, if you were to visit the room today, log out, and then visit the room again before midnight, it would still only count as 1 visit. The next day, the graph's counter will have set to 0 and your next visit to the room will count as a daily visit.

By default, the graph will show the daily visits for the room. Click on "this room" to view a drop-down menu then select a specific wall within the room. Afterward, you will see the graph filter the total visits for just that wall. When you want to go back to viewing daily visits for the room click "Clear."

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