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Accepting an SMS Invite
Accepting an SMS Invite

Did you receive a text message asking you to join Batterii? Here's what you do to get set up!

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 An SMS invitation means someone with Batterii access wants to start the collaboration or research process with you. To get started, you will have to perform the steps shown below! 

(You can also read the steps under the video) 

1. First, open the text message that was sent to you.

2. Tap the link within the text message.

3. Follow the link and click "Open" to direct yourself to the App Store.

4. Click "GET" to download Batterii Mobile then click "OPEN" to bring up the app. 

PLEASE NOTE:  It is important to follow the invite link to the App Store to ensure easy access. Downloading straight from the App Store without following the link could result in an error that requires the invitation to be resent.

5 - 7. Once you are in the app, click ">" to move through the slides. Then click "Sounds like fun, I'm in!"

8. Then click "Set up an account."

9. Review our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then check the box and click "Continue" if you agree.

10. In the next screen, type in the email address that you would like to have tied to your Batterii account. Then click "Next."

11. After clicking "Next," more text fields will become available to you. This is where you can enter your name and create your password. When you have entered the required information, please select "Register."

12. The next screen will notify you of a verification email while giving you the option to open your default email app. You can either select the button to open your email app or follow Step 13.

13. Return to your phone's home screen and select the email's push notification or open the verification email from your desired email app.

14. Once you have received and opened the email, click the blue button that says "Verify my email."

15. After verifying your email, you will be brought back to the app where you can sign in with your new Batterii account!

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