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Your Mission Details

Learn more about the Type, Status, Deadline, Instructions, and Compensation of your Mission.

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As a participant in a Batterii research study or internal project, you have likely been assigned at least one Batterii Mission. 

Batterii Missions may have different objectives depending on the project but their frameworks are virtually the same. To successfully complete a mission, it's important to recognize these details. Otherwise, you may miss a deadline or receive a rejection from your mission manager. 

First, it's important to note the 4 Mission Types...

Mission Types

Each mission type informs you on how to participate in the research.  Below is a brief description of each type's purpose:

  • Quick Poll - Provides a series of survey questions which you would be required to answer through multiple choice and/or short written answers

  • Video Response - Directs you to record yourself answering questions and/or prompts

  • Concept Feedback - Displays a concept or prototype, then asks for your feedback in a reaction video.

  • Photo Response - Instructs you to take snapshots of specific moments and objects.

When looking through your assigned missions, you may notice one or several of these types. At a glance, you should also notice the title and status of the mission(s).

A Quick Glance at Your Missions

  • Mission Status - Provides a quick glance at the progress of your mission. For example, a status with a due date serves as a reminder to complete the mission before the date shown. Other statuses include Submitted, Approved, Rejected, and Closed.

    Please Note: Missions with due dates will have a specific closing time. To ensure you do not miss a deadline, it is best practice to tap the mission for more details.

  • Mission Title: Serves as point of reference between you and your Mission Manager. If you have any questions in regards to a mission then please refer to it by its title.

    To find more details, tap a mission and read over its instructions. 

A Closer Look at Your Missions

  • Deadline - Displays the specific time for when the mission must be completed.

    Please Note:
    Times are subject to your local timezone.

  • Instructions - Provides clear direction in what must be done to have your submission approved by your mission manager

  • Number of Questions - Sets proper expectations for the amount of poll questions you will answer to complete the mission

  • Questions - Preview the questions you will be prompted to answer when you start recording your response

  • Compensation - Confirms the incentive for completing the mission(s)

  • Start Button - Tap when you are ready to complete your mission

Completing Your Missions

After you have read over the details of your mission, you will be ready to start completing it. To learn more about how to capture your mission response, click on the link below that corresponds to the correct mission type...

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