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Completing Your Concept Feedback Mission
Completing Your Concept Feedback Mission

How to review a concept, record a reaction, and add details.

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Reviewing new concepts can be exciting for both you and the people conducting the research.

In this article, we'll walk through the steps necessary to complete your Concept Feedback mission. For more specific details about the mission framework like deadlines, instructions, and due dates, you can find them by clicking here.

Let's get started...

Reviewing a Concept

1. When starting a concept feedback mission, you first have to review the photo or video included in the mission.

Next, review the questions you will be asked to answer in your reaction video.

Then tap “Start your reaction video” when you are ready.

Recording a Reaction

2. Tap “Start recording” when you are ready to record your reaction. After answering a question, just swipe the question card to move onto the next one. 

Pro Tip: If you would like to review the overall instructions while recording, then tap the "i"button in the top right corner. 

3. As you progress through the mission, you can switch the camera view or pause recording until you’re ready to answer the next question – just tap the red circle to start recording again.

4. After you have answered each question, tap “Finish recording” to stop capturing your video response. The app will then take a quick moment to process your video.


5. Once the video has processed, you will be able to review your video response before saving it. If there seems to be a problem with your video, then you can click “Retry” to go back and record your response again. 

Please Note: If you can’t hear the recording, then please make sure your phone is not on Silent Mode.

Add Details & Submit

6. When you are ready to save the video, you will be required to title your video response. You may also include a description but it is not required. 

When you are finished adding details, tap “Submit” to begin uploading the video.

Please Note: If you do not title your response, then you will not be able to submit it. Instead, the response will be saved as a draft.

7. After submitting your response, you will see a screen congratulating you on a job well done. 

Tap “View my upload” to make sure your responses have 100% uploaded. 

If applicable, you can also go back to your Mission list  to start whatever mission you may have next. 


Shortly after submitting your response, your Mission Manager will review and either approve or reject the submission. To learn more about the approval process, click here.

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