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Accepting a Batterii Missions Invitation
Accepting a Batterii Missions Invitation

Learn how to start participating in a Batterii research project

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If you were recruited to participate in a Batterii research study or asked to complete an internal project for your company, then you are likely expected to complete one or several mobile assignments. 

At Batterii these mobile assignments are called Missions and they help us learn more about you and your experiences. However, to complete these missions you'll need access the app which is appropriately called Batterii Missions

Available in both the App Store and Google Play  you DO NOT want to download the app immediately. Instead, you want to wait for your Mission Manager or Project Facilitator to send you an invite to activate your Batterii account.

Once you receive your email invitation from, you will want to open it on your smartphone and follow the steps shown below. 

After you’ve successfully created your Batterii account, you may not see the missions right away. Either a mission has not launched yet or you might have to refresh the app. 

For specific details on your mission, you can find them here. 

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