How to Launch a Batterii Mission

Set up a mission to gather responses from consumers with one of four Mission types.

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Step 1: Enter the Batterii Room where you will be conducting your research or project
Step 2: Go to the Mission Dashboard and select "Add a new mission"

Step 3: Choose the mission type based on the type of response you want to receive and then click "Configure your mission"

Step 4: In the new screen, input text into all required fields (Title, Instructions, & Compensation)

Step 5: Choose where responses will be automatically uploaded
Step 6: Then add the questions you want your participants to answer as they complete their mission

  • Please note: These questions will appear while they are recording

  • You can also stack questions if you want to ask multiple follow-up questions centered around a central idea.

Step 7: After you've entered all your questions, click "Next" in the top right corner

Step 8: Now select who will be participating in the mission by either clicking the checkbox to automatically assign the Explorers in the room or click "Add Participant" to assign missions to a set of more specific people

  • Please note: Participants will not be notified of their assignment until the mission officially launches

Step 9: After you've assigned your missions to the participants, click "Next" in the top right corner

Step 10: Lastly, schedule when your mission will launch and when it will end (you can also leave the mission open indefinitely)
Step 11: When you feel satisfied with the setup of your mission, click "Create mission" in the top right corner and then that is it – you've successfully created a mission

Mission Details Dashboard

Mission listed on the Room Mission Dashboard


If you have any questions, contact Chad Reynolds ( for more information.

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