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An asset is filled with so many details; Title, Description, Walls and more - take the tour!

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  1. Image – Preview of the image, video, document or note that is the focus of the asset. For images, click to view the original size version of the asset. If you are uploading a document/pdf/word or other type of non-image based file, you do have the ability to add a main image once it has fully uploaded. 

  2. Name – A descriptive title for the asset. The name should be something that would help you or other participants find it later.

  3. Description – A short summary that gives more detail about the asset. Allows the participant to answer questions such as: Why are you posting this? What jumped out at you? What is important about this asset? The description can either be taken from the source of the asset, or contain participant’s commentary, or a combination of both.

  4. Wall References - Assets have the ability to show (be categorized) on multiple walls. When you "View" an asset it will show you all the walls in which this asset will show.

  5. Link to Source – Any assets added to rooms via Web Clipper or via Link from the web will maintain a source link to the original site the asset owner pulled it from. This credits the creator and allows for tracking back to initial data or material.

  6. Like – Allows each participant to show their appreciation for the asset.

  7. Subscribe – Interested in following the asset as it is added to other walls, rooms and more? Subscribe to the asset and receive notifications when others comment on it. You are automatically subscribed to your own new content.

  8. Comments and Timeline – Comments allow participants to discuss the asset with others in the room. The Timeline will show below the comment box including updates to the asset, responses and how the asset is being used on other walls. 

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