These different display options allow you to view the wall content in the way that is best for your team and the content available on a particular wall.

Room Moderators set the wall view based on how they want their team to participate. 

Explore View 

In the Explore viewing mode, the assets on a wall are able to grow and fill all available space. This mode is great for browsing and exploring content on a wall, or to identify trends and themes across large amounts of content.

Movable View

In the Movable viewing mode, the wall assets can be arranged as needed to identify themes, show relationships, or map to a process or template. Assets begin in the Inbox, and can be dragged onto the wall where they can be positioned just like on a physical whiteboard, wall or pinboard. 

Backdrops are available in the moveable wall mode.  Room Moderators can place a backdrop from the community level backdrop options. Or any participants has the ability to quickly place an asset, make it larger (drag from the corner) and lock it into place to use it as a backdrop. 

Moveable Wall Inbox
The Inbox is available in Movable wall mode only, and stores assets that have not yet been arranged on the wall. Assets that have been added with the Web Clipper, Batterii Mobile, copied to the wall or added by others but not placed, will appear in the inbox so they can be sorted onto the Movable wall.

Wall Tools (Wall Settings, Evaluations, Missions and Backdrops)
Each wall has all of the Wall Tools available from the "Edit" dropdown list. Click "Edit" then can access the Tool bar and you will see each action the Room Owner/Moderator is asking you to do when participating on the wall. The Tools holds the overview for the Missions, Evaluations and Movable Wall Backdrops that have been added.

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