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Web Clipper Troubleshooting
Web Clipper Troubleshooting

Having trouble with the clipper? Here are a couple tips to troubleshoot the problem

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Tips for Installing the Batterii Web Clipper 

Troubleshooting Sign In Issues with Batterii Web Clipper

Incompatible image types, trouble capturing embedded images

Occasionally an embedded image on a site will be not be able to be captured by the Web Clipper, usually due to an incompatible or incorrectly reported file type. In these cases, the best option is to use the "Screenshot" function to draw a box around the image and capture it as presented on the site, rather than by grabbing the original file.

Refresh after Web Clipper update

Periodically we will release an updated version of the webclipper with bug fixes or new features, and your extension will automatically update itself. When this update happens you will need to refresh any pages that were loaded prior to the update in order to launch the clipper on those pages.

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