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Creating your own Wall Backdrop (Managers Only)

Wall Backdrops are a way to visually explain a process or group your content. Upload your own backdrops to reflect your process!

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As a Community Manager in Batterii you have the ability to upload a custom SVG image for community members to use as a wall backdrop. To create an SVG that will display accurately on Batterii walls, there are just a few steps you need to make sure you follow:

  1. In your vector based drawing program of choice (we will use Adobe Illustrator in this article), create a document that is 900px wide and 504px tall.

  2. Draw using shapes and text. Raster images like JPGs and PNGs can be included, but may become very pixelated when stretched to fill the Batterii wall.

  3. When your backdrop is complete, select your text elements and convert them to shapes rather than editable text. This can be done in Illustrator via the Type menu and selecting the "Create Outlines" option. This allows your text to retain its font, as normal text uploaded in an SVG without font information may not render in Batterii the same way it does on your local machine.

  4. To export the SVG, in Adobe Illustrator choose File > Save a Copy. For the file Format, change from the default .ai file to the "SVG (svg)" option, choose a destination and a filename, and click Save.

  5. You will be presented with a panel containing SVG Options. There are a few important choices to make on this screen to make sure your backdrop displays correctly after you upload it:
    - Make sure the "Decimal Places" setting is set to at least 3, in order to preserve the accurate appearance of text and lifework.
    - Uncheck the setting labeled "Responsive". If this setting is left enabled it can result in the image being distorted under certain conditions on the Batterii wall.

  6. With those two options set, you can click OK and your SVG file will be exported.

  7. Now return to Batterii, visit the Manage Community section, and upload your new backdrop using the "Add a new backdrop" button in the upper right corner of the Wall Backdrops page.

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