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Wall Settings (Each are set Individually)
Wall Settings (Each are set Individually)

Turn on/off wall options for each wall, make the wall work the way you want for your project.

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Settings are created individually for each wall by the Room Owner/Moderator.

By Default the Walls are created with:

  • Wall Mode: Explore View

  • Background: Grey

  • Content Types Turned On: Image, Sticky, Video, Link and Document.

You can keep all your walls set to the default if you prefer or you can edit any and all items.

Change the Default Settings

To get to your wall settings, click on the wall name on the left side navigation.

Click the Wall Name dropdown menu and select "Wall Settings" option to change the wall.

Then setup the wall in the way you want people to view and participate.

1) Edit/Update Wall Name - Double click and update the Wall name if needed.

2) Add Wall Description - Each wall may have a different goal that the name alone won't explain, take a moment and add a description. (optional)

3) Content Types - Image, Sticky, Video, Link and Document are on by default. You have the ability to turn off any of these types if you would like to restrict the content on specific walls.

4) Background - You have three options based on how you want to view all your assets - White, Grey or Black can be set as your background.

5) Modify Wall - Duplicate your wall with options to duplicate all settings and content. Lock Content - Allow participants to view the wall content without adding any content. 

Enable Custom Content by Wall

Once you have created and configured your walls you have the option to turn on custom content for each wall individually.

Custom Content types are specific for each community to help reflect your companies terminology. Custom Content that is available will show on each wall and are defaulted to off. Click on the type to turn it on for the wall. You can have one or multiple custom content types on each wall.

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