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Features By Role at the Community Level
Features By Role at the Community Level

Understand all the different roles available at the Community Level - Managers, Members and Guests

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A Guest is someone who has been invited into the community only to participate in a specific Room. Guests can participate ONLY in the Rooms they have been invited into they will not see any other rooms/content in the community. Once they have access to a Room they can participate in all the Activities and Missions. Guests can be made into Room Moderators by the Room Owner.

A Community Member is someone who has been invited into community. Members have the ability to participate from top to bottom. Members can participate in many ways including; Join any Rooms that are set Public, Create Rooms (be the Room Owner/Moderator), as a Room Owner/Moderator they can create Activities, Walls and add Assets (Images, Videos, Links, Documents and Custom Assets) to Rooms they are participating in.

As a Member you will need to "Join the Room" to participate if the room is set as public and you haven't previously been added as a participant. 

Room Owner vs. Moderator
As the Room Owner, your name is associated with the Room when searching or when viewing the Room List. As the Room Owner you are also considered the Room Moderator, there can be multiple Moderators in one Room but only one Owner. Room Owner/Moderator has the ability to Invite Members into their Rooms, Create the Room Overview, Email the Room Participants and control the Room Activities, Walls and Suggested Tags for the Room. A Moderator status can be added to anyone within the room (Member or Guest)

Community Manager
The Community Manager has all the member capabilities plus the ability to Invite Managers/Members and Guests to the Community, create Custom Content Types, Feature Rooms, view all rooms irregardless of privacy setting or ownership. The Community Manager also has complete editing capability within the community.

The Explorer Role is managed at the Room Level. Want to understand more about Explorers? Check out Adding Explorers 

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