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Adding New Users (Managers Only)
Invite Community Members (Managers Only)
Invite Community Members (Managers Only)

Managers can invite Managers, Members, and Guests at the community level with an Email Invitation.

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How to Invite Members to your Community

  1. Click the “Manage Community” wheel on the far left. Only Managers will see “Manage Community" option.

  2. Go to the Invite Members tab

  3. Add one or more Email Addresses of the people you want to invite. Then add a message to your invitation.  Email addresses need a space, comma OR a line break between them. 

You can invite one or more people but all individuals will have the same settings (Member, Guest, Manager or if you assign Rooms)

This can be saved for use for future use when inviting members. Click "Save this message as the default" before continuing with the invitation.

Advanced Options or Send Invite

Send Invite - Sending Invite at this point will default to inviting these individuals to "Member(s)" of the community.

  1. Assign Community Role - Advanced Options will allow you to set the individuals role of Guest (s), Member (s) or Manager (s). You may also restrict their access to the main app by clicking "Mobile-only user. 

  2. Advanced Option - If you want to invite all people and immediately give them access to one or more rooms upon them logging into Batterii.  Select the Room (s) before Send Invite. 

Click "Select a Room" and choose from the existing rooms in the community. You can add these individuals to one or multiple rooms at one time and then Send Invite.

TIP: Invitations will expire after 10 days. If an invitation has expired don't worry you can re-send an invitation by selecting the persons name from the Invitation tab under the Manage Members area and clicking "Re-Send Invitation".

Click here for Manual Add instruction.

- You can authorize Community Members to invite Guests and Explorers at the Room Level. If allowed by your community, some room moderators can invite people directly from their room. See this article for details on this feature.

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