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Adding Content to a Wall (Upload, Sticky and Link)
Adding Content to a Wall (Upload, Sticky and Link)

Use the + on any wall to add assets - upload assets, add a link or sticky note

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Once you have located your room it is quick and easy to add new content to the walls.

You will start on the Room Overview and then just navigate with a click or two to the correct wall. Make sure you click "Join this room" (on the right side) when you first enter the room so you can participate. 

Click on the wall name on the right, then click the “+” sign at the top right of the wall. The Wall Toolbox will appear with all your options which starts with "Upload", "Link" and all the sticky colors.


  1. Click “Upload” and this will launch your computer search tool. Select the asset you want to upload and it will upload directly to the wall.

  2. After you have uploaded the asset, click to update/edit the Name and Description.

  3. Click on the current name and the edit option will become available. Name the asset appropriately then click on the "Description" area just below it to add the description.

  4. After updating the name and description click the "X" in the corner to return to the wall.

Auto-generation of an Image occurs on Word Documents (DOCX), Powerpoint (PPTX), Portable Document Format (PDF) and Microsoft Excel (XLSX) when they are uploaded to a Wall.

For more detail on auto-generation of images check out this article.

Image Upload Tip:
Some image formats uploaded to Batterii may not be fully supported.

Examples of known problem image types are:
- .tif images with multiple layers
- images that use a custom color profile may not render with completely accurate colors
- .png images that contain multiple layers and/or proprietary metadata (e.g. Adobe Fireworks project information)
- Images that are >50 megapixels (height in pixels x width in pixels) cannot be uploaded.

These image types may not be able to be uploaded as a logo because their atypical format prevents Batterii from manipulating the image and generating the necessary image preview.


A Sticky allows participants to capture statements, observations and thoughts to be when an image is not available.

Click any "Create sticky note" color and a new sticky will pop up on the wall for you to "Record a new sticky". Click on the sticky and start writing.

There are many sticky colors to choose from if you want to color code your sticky notes.

TIP: A Sticky is limited to 220 characters. Description areas in Links and Uploads do not have a description limit.

Sticky Text Options 

Use the wall tools to change the Font size, use the color palette for both the sticky note color and the text color, plus all the font options (bold, underline, italics and strikethrough)

Take the original sticky and make your updates! 

Looking to create multiple blank stickies to start taking notes?

That option is quick and easy. Create multiple notes by clicking SHIFT + # - e.g. SHIFT+4 will create 4 notes. Choose the appropriate number 1-9 to rapidly create up to 9 notes at a time. Notes will be created in the color in which your last note was created (default is set to yellow).

For more quick creation shortcuts check out Wall Interactions and Shortcuts.


Link allows you to copy and paste a web link and add it quickly to a wall.

  1. Click "Link" and then paste the URL in the http:// box. This will launch the clipping of the web page.

  2. The clipping will automatically fill in the Name and Description of the web page. You can update/edit the Title, Description and appropriate Tags then click "Add to Wall".

This option is a direct link back to the original content (which credits the creator) for all room participants to review and use for future steps. 

You can also add content to walls with the Web Clipper and Mobile App.

Tip: Other types that may appear in the Add to Wall area are called Cards. Click here for more on Cards. 

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