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How to do Intercepts in Batterii
How to do Intercepts in Batterii

Easily capture intercepts in Batterii. An Intercept is a method to interact and observe people in a given environment.

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As form of interviewing, Intercepts help you answer key questions about a person’s pain points, beliefs, or even habits. A majority of what you will learn might not just be what someone says: Intercepts let you absorb a person’s community or environment, exposing you to inputs, ideas or inspiration otherwise unexposed.


Seeing and talking to someone where they work or live is an immersive way to get your team outside of their preconceived notions of what customers need. Intercepts put you in the middle of the action making them most effective when you’re looking to hear how people speak or share their opinions, on a given subject.

Steps in Batterii 

1) Discuss as a team an important touchpoint, specific moment and/or location that makes up a part of your consumer’s experience. Participants will be “intercepted” by you at a designated location.

2) Prepare a list of potential questions you might ask your consumer when you are on-site. If possible, generate these questions both in office and on-site at that location. Use a Wall to visualize and align to your set of questions.

Post your questions by clicking "+" on the wall and click "Sticky".

3) Setup your room using Walls for each consumer and any tags that might help with sorting.

Need to set up walls? Create Room Walls and Wall Groups

4) Coordinate your team logistics. To lessen any bias on the results due to the day of the week, time of day or store location, devise a schedule that alternate these factors.
While on-site at a location, approach consumers with an offer to provide feedback. Many may ignore you, but test some approaches that mitigate excuses they might present – i.e. no time, don’t have phone with them, etc. Ask your questions while introducing any visual stimulus. Observe their behavior, record the interview and take notes in the Mobile app.

Want to get up to speed on the mobile app? Check out the Batterii Mobile support articles. 

5) Once completed, use Moveable Walls to theme responses. As you see patterns, group these using a backdrop like a Storyboard or cards (e.g. Trends, Insights).

Not sure how to change or add a backdrop? Go to Adding a Wall Backdrop .

6) Intercepts can also be used as a great way to capture a consumer persona or profile. Record these as a video interview digging into their lifestyle, what they are wearing and why.


  • For unbiased answers, be considerate of what you are wearing and how you introduce yourself.

  • Compared to a focus group, this may involve more preparation. However, be flexible as some things will be determined on the fly.

  • Consider rewarding participants with gift cards as a reward for their time.

  • Inform a store manager before your intercept

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