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How to conduct an Interview in Batterii
How to conduct an Interview in Batterii

Capturing your Interviews in Batterii is easy with sticky notes, photos and videos.

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Interviewing is a technique for gathering information through direct consumer or stakeholder dialogue.

Through in-person dialogues, customers can reveal their desires and motivations in context. Understanding the needs of customers provides a view into the future, granting your company with a head start in developing innovations.


Interviews are a great way to generate digital stickies, photos, and videos that are the raw materials for creating Insights and Ideas within Batterii. Create a questionnaire so you can discover areas of value and ultimately inform hunches, themes, trends and Insights during your sense-making process.

Steps in Batterii

1. Create a new Wall in your room and label it “Interview Questions”.

2. As a team, use "Sticky" notes (located under the blue + button)
to brainstorm different questions that you want to ask during your interviews. After you have generated these, group together similar questions into themes on your Wall. Consolidate duplicates.

3. Use the Wall to visually arrange your questions in a sequence. Set alternative questions aside or build forks that might split after an answer. Share with the team and make any changes.

4. Create another wall group called “Interviews” and add Walls for each of your consumers (i.e. Erica H., Michael S., etc.)

Find a quiet spot to conduct your interviews, recording each through photos, notes, and videos. Be sure to capture paper notes or sketches and upload everything to that person’s Wall.

5. To synthesize your interview notes, use a backdrop like the Horizontal Timeline to visually map their responses. Then use a card (Theme, Insight, Hunch) to frame any conclusions that you had. These can be placed below the timeline to signify their context.

6. Share out your Walls as visual stories to help team members empathize with the consumer.

Interviewing Tips

  • Ask open ended questions that do not lead the consumer

  • When possible, do interviews one-on-one using a GoPro or mobile phone to record the experience

  • Ask the consumer to illustrate an answer. This may help them visualize subjects that might be hard to describe through words

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