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How to Capture a Focus Group in Batterii
How to Capture a Focus Group in Batterii

Focus groups are a method of consumer inquiry to collect feedback or opinions and now you can quickly capture them in Batterii

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Focus Groups provide access to what consumers are thinking and feeling, and how that’s manifested in their lives. To be consumer obsessed, it takes a combination of listening, inquiry, and ongoing feedback. Hearing the language and perceptions of consumer segments can help us spot trends, confirm hunches, further pursue clues, and ensure we are connecting human-to-human.


When you have access to see how a group interacts together and how they collectively (and individually) respond to a stimulus, much high-level learning can quickly occur. Focus Groups are an effective way to watch how a certain dynamic is (or is not) changing over time.

Steps in Batterii 

1. Plan ahead to align your research objectives, a consumer screener and the key outputs desired. This will define who you will recruit and what activities to conduct with them. As an example, you might want to understand the Shopping Journey for a specific retail store or get product feedback on an existing product concept. Incorporating multiple activities (i.e. discussion, sketching, building) will keep your sessions fresh.

2. Design the Walls of your Batterii room based on your overall goals. As an example, you might group Walls by activity, by consumer group or by location/session.

3. At the session, use the Batterii Mobile app (or camera) to capture photos, videos and notes of each activity. Post these to the corresponding Walls and use tags to help with the curating process.

Want to get up to speed on the mobile app? Check out the Batterii Mobile support articles. 

4. Set your wall to moveable and use backdrops like Storyboards or a Horizontal Timeline to visually organize your session captures. This is a great way to go back through content to review in content.

Not sure how to change or add a backdrop? Go to Adding a Wall Backdrop .
Tip: You must be the room owner or a moderator in the room you are working in to add wall backdrops 

5. Generate observation as Notes or Insights to frame up learnings. Feel free to create additional Walls as themes emerge.

6. Present Insights to your team, highlighting the actual assets (videos or sketches).

7. On-board consumers into Mobile app for follow up (if appropriate) and reward for their participation.


  • Make sure to capture non-verbal communication. You can use creative methods, like sketching, building and collaborating to prompt consumers to share areas that they might not typically share through verbal discussion.

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