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Batterii iPhone App

Short overview of all the Batterii iPhone app has to offer - logging in, uploading content and sharing from your mobile browser.

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Installing Mobile App

Go to the App Store and search Batterii Mobile and Install on your iPhone.

The Batterii app will lead you through the next steps. If you already have a Batterii account, click the blue button and then you will need to identify your community by your Community URL. This is the section of the URL before “” then click “Find Community.”

Mobile Sign In

Enter your email address then your password then click "Sign In".

Find Your Room 

After logging in you will see the Home Page, where you can access your Featured Rooms, Your Recent Rooms (rooms you are a participant in) and your Next Mission.

Adding Content via Mobile to a Wall

Capture a Photo or Video to a Room/Wall

Batterii Mobile gives you the ability to capture photos and videos directly from your phone. Click the “+” and then select “Photo” to take a new photo, "Camera Roll" to select an image or video you have already captured or "Video" to record a new video. "Sticky" will allow you to capture a quick sticky note (no image or video needed).

Capture to a Wall

Once you have taken your photo or video select the box in the lower corner add key details for the photo: Choose the Destination - The destination will allow you to choose the Mission or Room you are working in and the Wall Destination of your choice.

Then Add Title, Description and Tags. Then click “Upload”

Last Destination Saved

Batterii mobile saves the destination (room/wall) where you last uploaded content. This ability to save the last destination makes it faster and easier to add content quickly. Whether you are saving via selection of a Room/Wall, responding to a Mission or using the Share function from your phone browser they are all linked for faster uploading.

Upload One or Multiple Photos or Videos

Do you want to take multiple photos or videos and upload later?

Batterii mobile can pull content from your Photo Library. Click the “+” sign and then select “Camera Roll”. This allows you to choose one or multiple photos or videos at one time. Select the appropriate content and then “done”. This will allow you to add details to each photo/video before uploading to the wall or mission.

Select each image and add key details (Title, Descriptions and Tags) for each photo.

Which Rooms can mobile participants see?
Community Members see rooms that they are participating in and can search for any Public room. These rooms will show on the home page of the mobile app under "Featured Rooms", “Recent Rooms” or you can search for a Room. Guests will only see the rooms they have been invited into, search for others won't work for them. Explorers (mobile only participants) will only see the Missions that are assigned to them, they won't see rooms. 

Is there a Batterii iPad Specific App?
Currently there is not a separate app for the iPad. If you search the app store for Batterii Mobile, make sure you search all apps or include iPhone app in your search. Then you can download the mobile app and it works just like the phone app for your iPad. 

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