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Create a New Project

Create a new room with one quick push of a button! Select from the room templates and you are ready to go.

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Get started

Creating a new Project room is quick and easy! There are “New Project” buttons on both the home page and on the directory page of Batterii.

Here's how:

  1. Click the “New Project” button

  2. Select the room type that you would like to start.

  3. Click "Create."

Add Cover Image

Once you have created your Project room, it’s now time to give it a cover image

This requires 3 simple steps:

  1. Once on the “Overview” page, click the grey square on the right side.

  2. The “Choose Room Thumbnail” box appears in the center of your screen, upload an image from your computer.

  3. Click upload!

*By default, the first image added to the room will become the room thumbnail image if no thumbnail image has been uploaded.

Note: Thumbnail image dimension recommendations: There is no set recommended resolution or dimension for room cover image. The user should use an image (JPG or PNG) that is as high a resolution as possible (width above 1600px and height above 320px), and take into consideration that it will be shown both in listings on the Home and Rooms pages (where the dimensions are closer to a square), and as a visual backdrop on the room overview page (where it is a wide banner).

  • Tip: Including text is not recommended, as it may get cut off in some places.

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