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A Room contains the Overview, Missions, People and Walls for all your content. Take the tour!

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The Overview page is crafted by the room owner to provide the background information and the goals for participating in the room. Settings for the room are also managed via the Overview page by the room owner. The top of the overview also highlights the current Missions and Evaluations in the room.

Missions are created by the room owner to help communicate the tasks for room participants. They are also linked to a specific wall in the room, so any assets captured with the Web Clipper and Batterii Mobile app can easily be sent to the correct location when choosing a Mission as the destination.

Wall Groups and Walls

Wall Groups
Walls are grouped into sets that help define the various phases of a project process in a room. They can also be used as simple groups to organize walls with similar content themes.

Walls are collaborative containers for all the content you and other room participants collect.


The list of all participants in the room. Room moderators (blue) and Explorers (red) are flagged with titles next to their names. 

*Community Guests (green) are flagged to indicate that they have limited access to other parts of the community and may be an external participant. 

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