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Browse, Comment, Like and Subscribe via Mobile App
Browse, Comment, Like and Subscribe via Mobile App

Overview of browsing options in the Batterii iPhone and Android app that allows you to view, comment and like assets.

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Browse Room Content with Batterii Mobile

The Batterii Mobile application also allows you to browse the Room content that has been added via mobile or through the main platform. Choose the Room from the "Home" or click "Rooms" and select the Room.

Browsing though content while out doing research can help you capture content that is missing. You can also comment on other participants content via mobile.

Browse Cards: Insights, Ideas, Methods, Journeys, Sparks, Themes and more. View Cards that have been added to the wall. After selecting the item you can dig deeper into the multiple assets in a card. Click the image and view the original asset content - URL, title and description.

When viewing the full asset on Batterii mobile you can "Like" or "Subscribe" and you have the ability to "Edit" your own assets. You can not edit Cards via mobile.

Tip: Which Rooms can mobile participants see?

Community Members will only see rooms that they are participating in (you have "joined" the room). Or you can see a Featured room if it is public and join from your mobile app. These rooms will show on the home page of the mobile app under "Featured Rooms", “Recent Rooms” or "Your Rooms”.

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