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Creating a Project room
Project Overview and Settings
Project Overview and Settings

The Overview allows you to add details to help participants get started, then under settings add a couple of pre-set tags

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Congratulations on creating your Project room! Now add some details to help participants get started. The “Overview” page is where you will be able to change your room settings, add a brief, send an email to participants, and view the export history of the room.

Creating a Brief

The Brief is used by the Project Manager to communicate the key goals of the room. There are many ways to organize a brief depending on your industry.

  • Make sure that “Overview” is highlighted, you will notice that you can now view and edit the Brief.

  1. Edit / Update the name of your Project room.

  2. Add a the goals of the room

  3. Begin to build your Brief

  4. Utilize “+Insert Block” To add text, images, and links.

Room Settings

  • Project settings will allow you to add suggested tags for new content, make your room “public” for everyone to view or “private” for just your team to access as well as archiving or deleting your room.

  1. Create Suggested tags for users to utilize when uploading content into your room.

  2. Set your room to “public”(Content will be visible to everyone in your Batterii Community) or “Private” (Only the participants invited into your room will have access to content)

  3. Make sure the Status is set to “Open” unless you would like to lock content permitting anyone from participating.

  4. Archive or Delete the project - Archive allows for you to access the room but no longer allows anyone to participate (add content). Delete the room truly Delete the room and all of its content forever! 

Easy enough! Get ready to Create Boards and Collections!

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