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Create Collections to help define various phases of your project

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Once your room has been created you can set up multiple groups of boards, called Collectons, that define the various phases or topics as you go!

Owners/Moderators have access to create new Boards within their rooms.

Collections - Boards are grouped to help define the various phases of a project process in a room. They can also be used as simple groups to organize boards with similar content or themes.

Boards – This is where co-creation begins. These collaborative containers hold all the content you and other room participants collect.

Creating Collections

To Add or Edit the collections at the bottom left navigation area.

Adding a Collection is easy

  1. Click "Edit" from the left navigation area

  2. Scroll down until the grey box appears"+Add Collection" or "Add Board"

  3. Type the name of your new collection

Adding Boards

  1. Creating Boards is just as easy as creating groups.

  2. Click "+ add board" and then enter the name

  3. Click off of the text field to save the name

  • Continue this process to add as many walls as you would like, you can always edit or add more walls while people are participating.

    Reminder: When using the Batterii Mobile App and Clipping to a Wall, both require you to choose a wall as part of the process. This will help to place the assets in the correct location. You can always move or copy assets  to other walls to continue working through your room. Now that you have everything set up, Invite Members to Participate in your room.

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