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Create Wall Evaluations

Take a moment to ask your room participants to evaluate all the assets on a wall. You can have 3 evaluations running on a wall at a time.

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Room Owners and Moderators can turn on evaluations on one or multiple walls in a room.

Creating your Wall Evaluations

Each evaluation is specific to the one wall and its content, not the room as a whole. You can run up to 3 evaluations at one time on a wall. You do have the ability to archive an evaluation if another evaluation is needed.

Setting up an evaluation is quick and easy!

  1. Go to the wall and click the Edit Menu to select Evaluations

  2. When the Toolbox opens click Evaluate then click "Create an Evaluation"

  3. Add Evaluation Details (Select an Icon and Choose a color)

  4. Enter question or statement for the evaluation

Set the End Date and Time to then Launch your evaluation!

Why lock the wall? This is to make sure all content on the wall is evaluated at one time and new content is not added during an evaluation. 

After locking a wall the participants will still be able to see the wall and evaluate the wall but they will not be able to add new content. The wall name will include a lock at the end of it and will not have the "+" button. 

Room Participants will see evaluation information at the bottom of the wall and on each asset.


WARNING: Changing the Evaluation Statement or Voting Criteria after launching the evaluation will trigger the evaluation to reset when you click "Update Evaluation" 

TIP: There is no limit on the total evaluations you can run in a room, the limit is wall specific. Up to 3 active evaluations on a wall at one time. You do have the ability to Archive evaluations if you want to run a new evaluation and three have already been created. 

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