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What are Missions?

Missions are usually timed requests to collect and share content.

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Missions are like assignments to collect and share content within Batterii. Missions can be assigned to existing members of your Batterii community (for internal content gathering), or to individuals outside your Batterii community (to do things like gather direct feedback from consumers).

When creating a mission, you can specify:

  • The nature of the task and the type of content you are seeking

  • Who the mission should be assigned to

  • Where the assets should go when uploaded to complete the mission

Missions can be completed within the Batterii web application, the Batterii Web Clipper, or the Batterii Mobile app can easily be sent to the correct location when choosing a Mission as the destination.

Setting up a Mission for your room participants is quick and easy.

Select "Missions" from the top left panel to get started.

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