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Pre-Planning for Missions

Set up your room to help with your workflow to ensure your mission content is delivered to the correct walls

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When planning for missions we are going to want to make sure that our workflow is established within our Project Room. Having well defined Wall Groups (project phases) and Walls will ensure that the correct content is delivered to the appropriate destination.

Building out your Wall Groups and Walls

When building out your wall groups and walls keep in mind the content you will be collecting and the purpose of the wall. With missions you have the ability to direct your teams' content towards a specific Wall. Missions adapt with the process or project you have at hand allowing you to utilize them for any activity you have organized.

*Here are a couple of examples/use cases:

1) Your team is conducting a store visit researching different apparel trends. You could create categorized walls such as "men", "women", "hats", "shoes", etc. so that contributors can post to the correct wall when mission is launched.

2) You are running a focus group with consumers using Batterii. To ensure each of them posts their content to the correct wall, you may wish to set up a wall with each consumer's name.

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