These backdrops include popular decision making tools like the Business Model Canvas and SWOT Analysis matrix, as well as generic guides that can be adapted to your process.

IMPORTANT: Backdrops are only available on Movable Walls. To "Switch Wall Mode" from Explore to Movable, you must be the Room Owner or a Room Moderator (have access to wall settings) to add a Backdrop to a wall.

Ready to add a Backdrop?

Go to "Edit" at the top of the wall and then select "Wall Backdrop". 

Your wall toolbox will pop up and then you can select your choice of backdrop from the dropdown menu.

Once you choose the backdrop you can click "Advanced Settings" to choose the size and position for the backdrop. 

Then you can easily drag and drop content from your Inbox and place content on the backdrop where it fits best.

Custom Backdrop Graphics
Community Managers will have the ability to add custom graphics that can be uploaded and used as backdrops in your community. Reach out to your community manager if you have a specific backdrop that you would like to have added to your backdrop options. 

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