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Setting up a Mission

Missions can be assigned by room Moderators to communicate tasks and direct captured photos, videos and stickies to the right wall.

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Setting up a Batterii Mission

To launch a mission follow these simple steps

  1. Select the missions tab when in the room (must be a room Moderator)

  2. "Create a new mission"

  3. Set up your mission by "adding a title" and "Adding a description."

With Mission's you are able to select which members of the room receive the task:

  1. Send to Everyone in the room

  2. Send to Explorers only who are mobile only users invited to the room (Explorers do not have community access)

  3. Manually assign members

Once your members are selected you are ready to launch your mission:

  1. Select the wall in which you want content delivered to within the room.

  2. Save your content and proceed to select "Launch your Mission"

Have fun using the Batterii Missions feature!

Tip: Feel free to set up missions in advance as you have the ability to set both the start and end dates! A push notifications is triggered by the start date and will help kick off the mission. 

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