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Movable Wall Options

Moveable Walls are like digital whiteboards, where you can cluster, arrange, resize, and add notes to all of your content.

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To switch to a Movable Wall mode, the Room Owner/Moderator can switch the use for all room participants from the room name dropdown.

Click "Switch Wall Mode" and the moveable wall will appear. The Inbox will appear if no assets have been placed on the wall. Once the first asset has been placed the inbox won't automatically appear anymore. 

Tip: If you have previously placed content on the movable wall click the inbox icon to open your inbox and drag assets to your Movable Wall.

Once assets are placed on the wall, click on an asset to change its size, or lock it into position on the wall:

Here are how the Auto, Small, Medium and Large image sizes appear on a wall:

All room participants can actively place items on the moveable wall. Work together with other room participants to make sense of all the assets.

Wall Defaults and Movable Walls (Room Owner/Moderators)

Room Owner/Moderators set the wall mode to either Explore or Moveable by "Switching Wall Mode". Once the mode is set that is the mode for all participants on that particular wall. 

You can also add a backdrop to a moveable wall to help organize your assets. Check out Add a Wall Backdrop for more details! 

Here are some quick tips on Wall Interactions and Wall Shortcuts!

Warning: All participants in a room can remove content from walls. Please be aware that items live specifically on the wall and each wall view is made up of the same content on that specific wall. Removing content from one view will remove the asset from all the other views.

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