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Blinding Members and Incognito Branding (Community Level Setup - Manager Only)
Blinding Members and Incognito Branding (Community Level Setup - Manager Only)

Blinding your company/community name and logo from external users.

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Incognito Branding

When Incognito Branding is enabled, the real community name, domain name, logo, and banner will be disguised from a "blind member". In addition, the member will not be able to view the full name or profile image of other community members.

As a Community Manager, navigate to the "Community Configuration" section of your Community Settings.

Here you will see that there is a tab called Incognito Branding, this allows you to present blinded members invited to see your "community" as a generic brand based on the name you select for your Incognito community.

Blinding Participants

When adding guests to a room you will see that you have the option to "blind the participant". Blind Participants will not see any community details. This means they won't know who his running or conducting missions or participation within the Batterii Room.

Inviting Guests to a Mission

Under the "People" Tab within your room you can view all participants through the "People" Dashboard. Here you will be able to see who has been invited into the room, what role they hold as well as pending invitations and more.

If you would like to invite new participants to your room, you can add people who are in your community by selecting the the blue "+ Add People" button or invite new participants via email.

When adding new guests you will see that you assign them to a variety of roles:

Explorer: Can only view assigned Missions and their own contributions to those Missions.

Participant: Can view all room details and content, and add/edit their own contributions.

Moderator: Can view and edit all room contributions, missions, people, and room settings.

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