What is Batterii?

Understand what Batterii is and how it can help you and your team inspire, innovate and create together.

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Batterii is a platform centered around people that inspire innovation and creative problem solving. It provides you with the tools and the space to allow individuals and team members to collect content, form opinions, and spark new ideas.

You can use Batterii for your everyday work! With the Batterii Mobile App and Web Clipper you will be able to use our Batterii Wall's to Add Content to:

  • Visualize all your files

  • Outline any process

  • Cocreate with your team.

  • Collect content

  • Conducting research

  • Take notes

  • Trendspot

Batterii's Moveable Walls allow you to make sense of your research which helps lead to identifying insights and opportunities, making sense of ideas and concept development, with the intent on making a better product for the consumer.

Batterii provides tools and space so you can:

  • Collect content

  • Form opinions

  • Spark new ideas

  • Visualize your files

  • Outline your process

With Batterii, you're joining thousands of other teams with the same goal:

To create a better way to work.

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