The "Explorers" Guide to Missions

Gain understanding on how Explorers will experience Batterii via the mobile app

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PLEASE NOTE: This support article is specifically designed for participants in Batterii Mobile Missions. These type of users are called "Explorers."

Participating in Batterii Mobile Missions is a fun, easy way to share your thoughts, ideas and inspiration from your phone! This article will walk through downloading the Batterii app, getting started and completing Missions. Let's dig in!

Step 1: Create your Batterii account

If you've been selected to participate in a Mission project, you will receive an email invitation to download the Batterii mobile app. Pick the version your phone requires – iOS or Android mobile device – and install.

Once installed, the Batterii app will walk you through an on-boarding process to set up your account. Type your first name and last initial then create your password. Congrats, you're on Batterii and ready for your Missions!

Step 2: Review missions and capture content

Now that you have access to the Batterii mobile app. select the "Missions" icon on the bottom left. Here you can view the Missions that have been assigned to you, capture content, and share your completed missions. See example screens below.

It's important to view the details of each Mission upfront. Some Missions might be super easy, like share an idea. Some might be more complex, asking you to travel somewhere and record your journey. Reviewing these upfront will help you plan for when to complete each.

When you're ready, just select the Mission to reveal more detailed instructions. Once you've read this, you can respond by clicking the blue "+" icon in the bottom center. This will reveal a menu to create a sticky, shoot a video, take a photo or upload from your camera roll. Once you select the option that best fits your Mission, you can add a title, description and tags to your post. When ready to share, click "Upload" and watch your asset loading up to Batterii. Below is a quick animation of how this works.

Step 3: Finish strong

When uploading content for your Missions, you could find yourself in a situation where you want to edit or update your posts. To do that, just navigate back to your mission details and click "View your mission uploads." From here, you can click on the asset and edit the content.

Once you're happy with you uploads, you can mark each Mission as "complete." This will notify the person managing the project, as well as show them greyed out inside of the Batterii app. If you've completed all of your Missions, you're all set.

If you ever have questions about your Mission, project details or more, contact your community or project leader. For technical problem, please feel free to use the Batterii support channel located in the top right of the Batterii app, or by contacting

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