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Projects, Boards, and Content

What is the difference between projects and boards? Plus what content can you add to a board?

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Project rooms are the place where you can gather all your content. By content, we mean any:

  • Web Articles and Links

  • Documents – PDF, PPT, Word, etc.

  • Multimedia Files – .mov, mp4, audio

  • Sticky Notes

  • Cards

....and more!

Depending on what you want to share, you can open up your Project room and share it with your team. Boards are the containers within your room. They let you mimic how you work in the physical world, no matter the process or structure you like to use.

You can upload (or simply drag and drop) content you find interesting, enlightening, or informative, right onto your board.

With Boards, you have a more powerful way of working with content thanks to two different modes to view the content:

Pin mode


One way to use a Layout board is to collect, organize, and create the persona for a customer.

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