Rooms are the place where you can gather all your content. By content, we mean any:

  • Article
  • File
  • Multimedia
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Word Doc
  • Spread sheet

....and more!

Depending on what you want to share, you can open up your Room and share with your team. Walls are the containers within your Room. Walls let you mimic how you work in the physical world, no matter the process or structure you like to use.

You can upload (or simply drag and drop) content you find interesting, enlightening or informative, right onto your Wall.

With Walls, you have a more powerful way of working with content thanks to two different modes to view content:



One way to use a Moveable Wall  - The Moveable mode to organize, cluster, move and build on the wall assets in order to create the persona for a customer.

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