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@Mention Members in Comments
@Mention Members in Comments

Send notifications by tagging a members in any comment space

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Notify another community member to check out a piece of Research, or ask them to review and comment on a persona, storyboard, insight, idea and more (custom content type) with @mention. All comment boxes allow a user to @mention another member.

One you are viewing the content you want to share. Go to the Comment area, type @ and a search box will appear. This will show all individuals who are participating in your room.

Type in the persons first name, last name or email address then click enter.

Select the persons name and then continue your comment. Members will receive a notification via email that you want them to check it out.

Want to change your comment? Accidentally tag the wrong person? Just click the "Edit" button just left of the comment. 

Don't forgot to "save" your changes! 

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