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Member and Guest Accounts

Understand the difference between a member and a guest

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Within the Batterii community, there are both Guest and Member accounts. This allows the Community Manager to control the level of access people have to your company's workspace.

A Manager is the only one in the community that has the power to add new members.

Managers now have the ability to allow all members or specific members to give limited guest access to external individuals to only their room. For more on this feature check out - Allowing Room Moderators to Invite Guests. 

A Member is someone who has been invited into the community, they can create their own rooms and and have access to view/join all public rooms.

A Guest is someone invited into the community with limited access to only specific Room (s). Think of a Guest as someone you only want to give specific community access to - possibly a partner, consumer or a similar stakeholder who only needs access to only one or more Rooms.

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