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Viewing DOCX / PDF / XLSX / PPTX
Viewing DOCX / PDF / XLSX / PPTX

View any DOCX / PDF / XLSX / PPTX in Batterii with quick look, no need to download to view.

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Batterii supports a quick look preview of Word Documents (DOCX), Powerpoint (PPTX), Portable Document Format (PDF) and Microsoft Excel (XLSX) once it has been uploaded to Batterii.

After uploading your asset it will initially show the asset type while it is working to generate the preview.

The first page of the uploaded asset will be used as the main image for the asset.

Tip: Don't like the main image that was chosen? You can replace the image with one of your choice. Check out the Auto-generate Image support article for the exact steps.

View the asset in order to see the "Quick look" button in the bottom left of the image.

Click "Quick look" and now you can preview all pages of the asset. Each browsers viewer is different but all allow you to scroll through all pages of the document.

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