Do you prefer to take notes outside of Batterii? If so, easily turn each line of your notes into sticky notes. Your notes must be in "Notepad" (Windows) or "Text Edit" (Mac) and each individual line will be a note.

Go to the appropriate wall, then Copy and Paste directly from "Notepad" or "Text Edit" to the wall. This will launch each line into individual sticky notes in Batterii.

Tip: There is a 25 multiple sticky note creation at a time.

Now that you have transformed your notes into multiple stickies you can move them around the wall or to other rooms.

Tip: This option only works in the Chrome browser at this time. 

Looking to create multiple blank stickies to start taking notes? (All Browsers!)

That option is quick and easy. Create multiple stickies by clicking SHIFT + # - e.g. SHIFT+4 will create 4 stickies. Choose the appropriate number 1-9 to rapidly create up to 9 stickies at a time. Stickies will be created in the color in which your last sticky was created (default is set to yellow).

Multiple blank stickies works for all browsers!

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