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Tag and Bulk Tag Wall Assets
Tag and Bulk Tag Wall Assets

Tag Multiple Assets with one or more tags to organize, sort and move content in Batterii at a faster pace.

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Organizing, sorting and moving are different ways individuals utilize tags in order to see connections or make new connections among assets. Adding content to a Batterii wall has always been quick and easy, now you can bulk tag those assets at the same speed.

After assets have been added to a wall you can multi-select and use the toolbar to tag all of the assets at one time.

1) Select all assets you want to tag.

2) Click Edit to select "Add Tags"

3) Add preset tags or your own tags.

4) Click Add Tags then all assets will now have the new tags applied.

Tip: You can only tag your own assets. If you are the Room Owner or a Moderator you can tag your own and all other assets in the room.

Use tags to search for related assets in the room or you can search all rooms.

Organic Tagging

There has always been the ability to tag as you see fit, but now in order to have a more consistent tagging structure any tag you add will now show in the larger list of tags for others to choose from. Pre-set tags that are set by the room Moderator will show in BOLD. 

Check out Search Tips and Tricks for more specific search needs.

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